Log Homes... only better

We at Better than Logs prefer to enjoy log homes year after year, versus creating maintenance burdens that are never satisfied. We’ve developed a long lasting, maintenance free, “concrete log” product that will last. So instead of maintaining your piece of the great outdoors, get out and enjoy the great outdoors. And return to an always beautiful and presentable log home to be proud of today, and for generations to come!



Installation is quick and easy for the do-it-yourselfer, but if professional installation is preferred we have contractors available nationwide to assist you with your BTL product needs.

Why Concrete Logs

Log homes are some of the most beautiful and highly desired structures in North America. Magazine racks are filled with log home magazines monthly, and many of us purchase such periodicals with the dreams of future ownership of a log home. The problem is that rarely do these magazines explain the extensive maintenance requirements and expenses directly linked to keeping expensive log homes looking good year after year, and truly remaining an investment.

Compare our “concrete log” product with traditional logs, and you can quickly see why we call our product, “Better than Logs”!