Worry Free Home Construction: ICFs

When building a dream home there are many environmental threats to consider upon design. The risk of forest fires has been an ongoing issue nationally, but extreme climates can also offer headaches. One might wonder what insulation values are sufficient when building in extreme hot or cold climates. If you’re building in the wilderness, threats of small animals and insects can be something to consider. When thinking about all of these factors, Insulated Concrete Forms could be the solution to your headaches.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are Styrofoam blocks with built-in plastic reinforcements. These have interlocking male/female nubs on the top and bottom, similar to a Lego block. These blocks are stacked much like the popular children’s toy one row at a time. The installer will lay steel rebar vertically and horizontally in these blocks until 1 story of blocks has been stacked (8-9’ tall). Then concrete is poured into these Styrofoam blocks, resulting in an extremely solid structure once cured. The installer would repeat the above process, one story at a time, until the desired wall height is achieved.

A structure built with ICF’s will be resistant to almost anything nature can throw at it. When considering a siding to clad the structure, a Concrete Log Siding like Better Than Logs would be a high-end option. A homeowner would have a dream home that’s safe in areas with high fire threats but looks like a classic log home. With the time and money saved from having a home you won’t need to maintain, more time can be spent on what you really enjoy.