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Founded in 1881, historic Williams, AZ is conveniently located on Route 66, 40 miles away from the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park and 30 miles from Flagstaff. A short drive from the classic Route 66 and downtown Williams, a beautiful four season home stands, only miles from a local ski hill. On closer inspection, this home stands out from the surrounding forest and the few ‘log homes’ that neighbor it. The Golden Brown Half Round (HR12WF) Concrete Log Siding that covers the entire home looks like a conventional log home, but in fact, it is the weather resistant, hassle free concrete log siding manufactured by Better Than Logs in Drummond, MT. A very efficient floor plan opens the two story home up for family and friends. The lofted second story and open floor plan allow for plenty of space for weekend getaways. The metal roof gives way to dormers that are sided with the HR12WF and trimmed with Half Round 5” Trim (CTHR5) to allow for protection from the elements and to bring in natural light. The Half Round 5” Trim (CTHR5) surrounds all windows and doors. The authentic looking trim gives balance to the Concrete Half Round Log Siding, nicely trimming the large logs. On the corners, there are Short Half Round End Tailings (ETHRS), that give the old fashioned framed log home look with the illusion of large logs running the length of each wall and protruding out at each exterior corner. (Above) Better Than Logs Half Round Short End Tailings (ETHRS) located at every exterior corner on this beautiful Log Home An expansive artificial wood deck surrounds the outside of the home and wraps around 3 walls, giving the homeowners a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Exposed concrete blocks will soon be covered in two feet of hand laid rock, surrounding the remaining portion of the home where the deck does not extend. Large, whole timbers at the edge of the deck offer structural support and a log home feel. Right around the corner from the main entrance an indoor/outdoor (Below) Better Than Logs Half Round Log Siding With Flange (HR12WF) to allow for chinking, and associated 5” trim (CTHR5) fireplace is exposed on the deck. Covering the fireplace is a large overhang, perfect for colder nights spent outside and entertaining family or guests. Whether enjoying the snow or managing the high heat, Better Than Logs Siding and Trim offers a perfect look and the best protection a home in Northern Arizona can have.

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