In 2008, while building a new home in Montana, the founder of Better Than Logs, Jon Perry, was struggling with which siding style and material to use. All those involved in the construction project had first-hand experience with the maintenance burdens placed on individuals by “real” wood sided homes and traditional log homes. The founder was committed to finding a better option while still retaining the beauty of wood. After sampling and testing products on the market — including wood, concrete, steel, plastic, and vinyl — it was decided that a better product could be produced at a lower cost. With an extensive background in engineering, building, concrete construction, lamination, fabrication, and manufacturing, the founder developed the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products.

After researching and testing product offerings on the market for durability, realistic appearance, cost, and true maintenance-free characteristics, and determining that NO product available met and satisfied Jon’s requirements and expectations — an obvious need for innovation was confirmed. As a result, we began developing our own truly maintenance-free siding products. Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products were introduced to the siding market with remarkable acceptance and positive reviews.

The products were initially developed for personal use, but rapidly evolved into a marketable and manufacturable product that was determined to have the ability to positively affect others lives.

As a result, the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding Products were born and have been produced since 2012.
The Better Than Logs™ Products originated in, and the business remains headquartered in, Drummond, Montana. Drummond is a town with extensive history and character, and a population of around 300 people. Drummond is well known in Montana for cattle ranching, excellent hunting and fishing, and an extraordinary sense of community. Better Than Logs has benefited greatly from Drummond, Montana and has played a roll in helping the community through publicity, employment, and commerce.

Better Than Logs has become a component of the Town of Drummond, Montana, and Drummond has become a part of Better Than Logs™.