• ***Better Than Logs Products Now Include Integral Polyiso R-5 Insulation***
    Here at Better Than Logs, we are always looking for ways to improve our Products. From this desire for constant improvement, Better Than Logs is now incorporating Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) insulation within the manufacturing process of our proprietary concrete siding products. As a result, our siding boards are now stiffer than ever, still include our internal reinforcement and internal bracing engineered components, and also offer an R-5 insulation value………. All this is now included in all of our standard siding products.

    Through incorporating the Polyiso material into our proprietary molding process, we have also reduced the overall weight of our products and the overall stiffness of the board has increased. Due to these improved characteristics, handling and installing our products is now easier than ever. There really is no down side!

    Stay tuned to our News page for more exciting announcements regarding our company and our products. We strive to provide the highest possible quality product at a fair price to our customers worldwide!
    ***Better Than Logs Now Offers More Colors to choose from***
    First, as requested by one of our Customers, we now have a Gray Weathered Wood look stain. Our Engineers took a piece of REAL GRAY WEATHERED WOOD and matched it PERFECTLY in our Lab with a new gray weathered stain process! The feel and look of this new color on our siding is AMAZINGLY REALISTIC!
    With this new gray weathered stain on our maintenance free concrete siding, you get the authentic rustic look that brings even more character to your country home with an aged woodsy feel. AND without all the hassle of taking the time, extra cost, and physical labor of weathering your REAL wood siding. Forget the Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture, the Baking Soda Method, or the Paint/Stain mixing and applying, trying to get that weathered wood look. Now you get the look of a rustic antique weathered wood siding that's not antique at all and will last for years to come! With our siding there is NO MAINTENANCE, NO WORRIES, NO HASSLE, AND, IT LOOKS SO REAL!

    Secondly, we now have multiple colored stained Trims to compliment your home, barn, shed or whatever your project may be. Again by customer request, we developed a stain process to complement his Red Barn with a maintenance free Red Stained Trim. With our lifetime and worry free trim, there will be NO MAINTENANCE, NO YEARLY PAINTING AND DEFINITELY NO REPLACING FOR DECADES TO COME! Better Than Logs™ now has trim available it RED, WHITE, BLUE, and GREEN, all ready to install for your convenience. All Trim stain colors expose the trim’s genuine grain pattern to lock-in that real wood look.

    Because of you, our Customer we now offer even more colors for whatever your project may be. Our goal is to please YOU!
    ***Better Than Logs Now Offers Insulation on ALL Siding products***
    We now offer Polyiso Insulation incorporated into ALL of our Siding Products. The insulation material is a Polyiso Closed-cell foam board that is incorporated into the back side of the Better Than Logs Engineered Concrete Siding products. The insulation values range from R-4 to R-5, depending on the siding style purchased. The selection of the insulation option adds only $1.19 per square foot of siding, an incredible price versus insulation value.
    ***Better Than Logs Now Offers Factory-Direct Installation in North America***
    We now offer Factory-Direct Installation of all Better Than Logs products throughout the North American continent. Better Than Logs Installation Services assure our customer of the best possible installation and absolute customer satisfaction, all at a very competitive and reasonable price. Please contact us for additional details.
    ***Beware of Propaganda regarding Better Than Logs Products***
    There are certain documents circulating on the internet regarding Concrete Sidings and Internal Reinforcement. It is disappointing that competitors are seemingly unable to compete with the product design, product quality, customer service, and product pricing offered by Better Than Logs Inc, and have resorted to propaganda-style documents.

    When reading such claims, please:
    1) Consider the source
    2) Research the supposed sources for the documents, and the misquotes and misleading statements used to argue a faulty point
    3) Consider the inappropriate relationships between parties involved and their very biassed positions


    ***Better Than Logs has expanded......AGAIN!***
    We are very pleased to announce that Better Than Logs has once again expanded our operations by adding an additional Manufacturing Facility in Drummond Montana. Drummond is a picturesque "Old West" town resting in the Rockie Mountains in the great state of Montana, and is also home to all four Better Than Logs facilities. We happily added our fourth facility in Drummond in June of 2014. In our newest facility, we will be pouring and staining our Engineered Concrete Siding Products. Please consider stopping by for a visit the next time you find yourself in Southwest Montana. We are one-hour from Missoula, Butte, and Helena.
    ***Better Than Logs now offers ALL installation tools needed to instal our products***
    Better Than Logs now makes available for our customers all Drill Bits, Driver Bits, and Chinking Tools needed to assure the highest quality installation process and experience possible. Please review our website for pricing and additional details.
    ***Better Than Logs now offers Henry Blueskin VP100 Vapor Barrier Wrap***
    Better Than Logs is very proud and pleased to announce that we now offer Henry Blueskin VP100 Vapor Barrier Wrap products. Henry is a very well known and highly respected organization specific to weatherproofing and protecting structures from moisture and airmovement.

    The combination of the Henry Blueskin VP100 and the Better Than Logs Engineered Siding Products is simply an unbeatable combination. Look to the Better Than Logs website "Products" page for additional information and details.