Better Than Logs Maintenance

What Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding offers Customers that NO OTHER siding manufacturer offers:

1. Maintenance Free:

  • A maintenance free exterior of your home! No “real wood” siding or log material can honestly offer a maintenance free future, it is impossible.
  • All woods begin the decaying process immediately upon the initial cutting. All efforts are simply a futile attempt to slow the inevitable decay process.

2. Perfectly Matched No Maintenance Trim:

  • A complete line of complimentary and engineered trims for windows, doors, and corners that fit perfectly and match the Better Than Logs™  Concrete Log Siding product. Many siding manufacturers refer their customers to “fiber-cement” trim manufacturers for most if not all of the customers trim needs. As a result, the trim fails to match or compliment the siding products and the trim requires extensive maintenance and up-keep.

3. No Settling concerns:

  •  With the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, there is no settling of the walls in your home. No need to leave 4″+ gaping openings over every window and door for “future settling”. No need for “jacks” in walls and under support timbers to be constantly and forever adjusted in a futile attempt to keep your Traditional Log Home square, straight, and upright. The Better Than Logs™ products require none of these extraordinary efforts to fight gravity and decay. With the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, our customers can enjoy their homes versus constantly battling and worrying about the never ending log movement and maintenance of a Traditional Log Home.

4. No Checking or Leaking Ever:

  • Traditional Log Homes are notorious for checking and leaking. Checking is cracking, generally in the direction of the grain, and frequently through the entire log from outside to inside. As a result of inevitable checking, log home owners are constantly fighting the elements and very commonly are able to see the outside world from inside their homes without the use of windows or doors… they can look right through the walls! The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products do not check or leak, ever.

5. No Pests or Pesticides:

  • Around the world, there exist huge supplies of insects that are attracted to wood. Unfortunately for Traditional Log Home owners, these insects eventually find their new home in your log home. And, contrary to claims by chemical companies, there is no truly effective way to completely rid a Traditional Log Home of these nuisances. With the Better Than Logs™ products, no pests are attracted as our Engineered Concrete Log Sidings provide no nourishment or comfort to the pests. With Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, you can rest assured that your home is not on the menu for any creepy-crawlies or vermin of any kind.

6. Extensive Testing:

  • Extensive internal and independent product testing including severe and extensive freeze/thaw cycles, extensive heat and flame cycles, and high pressure and low-pressure blasting and impact testing. We have also extensively tested our products in comparison to all other product offerings available and our competitors cannot compare at any level with our Engineered Siding Products. Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding has a complete and substantial In-House Testing Lab, where we develop and improve our products to benefit and accommodate our customer’s needs!

7. Looks like Real Wood:

  • The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products are the ONLY non-wood siding products that look exactly like “REAL WOOD”. Our products, unlike all other offerings, are made from molds that were made from real wood plugs. Every grain and feature on the Better Than Logs™ products are REAL and as designed by nature. The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products surfaces look SO REAL because they are!

8. Strong Reinforced Product:

  • The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products are internally reinforced for strength and product longevity. Unreinforced concrete is fragile and delicate by nature, which is why all Building Departments require reinforcement in all “Structural Concrete” applications. Fiberglass “chop”, as many siding manufacturers use in their products, does not constitute any level of significant reinforcement. As a result, other siding products made of concrete are very fragile and can easily be broken in installation and shipping. Some un reinforced concrete product manufacturers have made and continue to make less than honest and less than correct statements regarding concrete reinforcement. The statements, upon additional research, have always been proven to be false and manipulatively misleading. Some have even misstated and reinvented Building Code details to manipulatively state their flawed and ill-informed arguments. The FACT is that reinforced concrete siding is much more difficult and expensive to produce, and some manufacturers choose the cheaper and easier option of simply producing an inferior product to the products manufactured by Better Than Logs™… at a significantly higher price than the products manufactured by Better Than Logs™.

9. Costs Less!

  •  The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products are approximately 25% the initial cost of the siding portion of a Traditional Log Home’s exterior walls. That is a true “apples to apples” comparison. And in comparing the entire wall package of a Traditional Log Home versus an ICF Constructed Wall with Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, we are still approximately 25% of the cost of the Traditional Log Home option. AND, with the ICF/Better Than Logs™ option, the customer achieves an R-30 or better wall insulation value, a rodent and insect free living space, a TRULY maintenance free exterior wall, and all of the modern conveniences of current construction techniques including in-wall data and power cabling, freeze-resistant plumbing, etc… AND a home that actually looks like wood and continues to look incredible year after year!

10. No Hidden Costs:

  • Better Than Logs™ DOES NOT require the customer to return the shipping crates at the customer’s expense as many other manufacturers do. Better Than Logs™has NO HIDDEN OR SURPRISE COSTS to burden the customer with. We lay out and explain every detail of every expense with our customers prior to purchase, with every effort to help our customers remain within budget with complete customer satisfaction.
  •  Stained NOT Painted:
  •  The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products are appropriately stained with by far the best concrete coloring application available and well proven over time. Our high-quality stains have been developed over decades for “high-traffic” walkways, such as exist at amusement parks and malls, and have a long history of exceptional performance, fade resistance, and retained beauty. We DO NOT PAINT OUR PRODUCTS as other manufacturers do. Paints will always fade, peel, and crack. Painting of concrete is a compromised process from the beginning.

11. No Difficulty Getting Home Insurance:

  •  Ensuring a Traditional Log Home can be very difficult and challenging. With the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, the structure of the home can be built in a manner and with techniques and materials commonly accepted and approved of in the Insurance Industry. Additionally, because of the concrete nature of the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, some added considerations and discounts can be available from some insurance companies.

12. No Difficulty in Mortgage Financing:

  •  Financing a traditional log home and finding comparisons can be very difficult. With the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products, financing is very manageable and traditional.

13. Thermal Resistance Value and Energy costs:

  •  Better Than Logs™ now offers the option of R-4 to R-5 insulation values on EVERY style of siding we make. No other siding manufacturer offers this on a realistic-appearing siding product. But Better Than Logs™ is different by offering a thermal resistance value manufactured within the product to add significant insulation to any project. More Better Than Logs™ engineering at work for our customers!