Installation is Just That Easy!

All Products Are Designed to Make the Installation Process Very Simple

Better Than Logs™ offers an ideal and purpose-developed mounting hardware specific to our Engineered Concrete Log Sidings. Not only are our Concrete Log Siding products designed to make the installation process very simple, but of all our siding and trim products are designed to be predrilled and screwed into place. Trim is mounted first, with the siding to follow. A color match sealant is used throughout the installation process to aid in finishing and weatherization. Upon completion, all hardware and cut edges are concealed. Our products were created with the end user in mind. When you order siding we make sure you have everything necessary to complete your project.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Installation of ALL of the Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products is very simple and easily accomplished by a moderately experienced Do-It-Yourselfer. The basic process is very simple.

    • Install the corner, window, and door trims.
    • Install the starting (lowest) course of boards.
    • Install the balance of siding boards.
    • For each installation of Trim and Siding:
      • Pre-drill each screw hole
      • Install screws through the mounting flange(s) pre-drilled holes every 6″ to 16″ throughout the installation.
      • Apply BTL Color Matched Sealant to ALL JOINTS AND SMALL VOIDS.
      • Apply BTL Chinking to ALL JOINTS AND LARGE VOIDS.

Better Than Logs Fasteners and Concrete Log Siding Specifications

Better Than Logs offers an ideal and purpose-developed mounting hardware, screw, specific to our Engineered Concrete Log Sidings.

Installation Hardware

The Better Than Logs™ Mounting Screws Offer:

  • Rib design under head countersinks into Better Than Logs™ Engineered Concrete Log Siding Products while preventing strip-outs.
  • Two point types for steel and wood applications.
  • Larger head diameter increases board surface contact for greater pullover resistance.
  • Serrated thread design provides reduced installation torque and superior holding power.
  • #2 Phillips-drive prevents the bit from slipping.
  • Available are 2.25″ and 1.63″ lengths
  • Diameter: #9
  • Thread Form: 9-15
  • Drill Point: #9 Type S
  • Head Style: Wafer Head with countersinking ribs
  • Finish: Climacoatu00ae

Installation Help is Here

Quick and easy. Two words that every do-it-yourselfer loves to hear. However, if you prefer professional installation, we have contractors available nationwide to assist you with your Better Than Logs™ product needs.