• Better Than Logs Fasteners
    Concrete Log Siding Specifications
    Better Than Logs offers an ideal and purpose-developed mounting hardware, screw, specific to our Engineered Concrete Log Sidings.

Installation Hardware

  • The Better Than Logs™ Mounting Screws Offer:
    Rib design under head countersinks into Better Than Logs™ Engineered Concrete Log Siding Products while preventing strip-outs.
    Two point types for steel and wood applications.
    Larger head diameter increases board surface contact for greater pullover resistance.
    Serrated thread design provides reduced installation torque and superior holding power.
    #2 Phillips-drive prevents bit from slipping.
    Available are 2.25" and 1.63" lengths
    Diameter: #9
    Thread Form: 9-15
    Drill Point: #9 Type S
    Head Style: Wafer Head with countersinking ribs
    Finish: Climacoatu00ae