Better Than Logs Engineering


The Engineering Behind the Better Than Logs™ Products

All Better Than Logs™   Products are made of concrete with three distinct and valuable forms of internal product reinforcement. 

  • Three layers of fiberglass roving are laminated within each board
  • Two-direction 1/8″ steel bar is laminated throughout each  board.
  • Steel gussets are laminated on the back of each board throughout the length of each board

All Better Than Logs™ Products are molded after and developed from actual Montana-Cut wood, which is how the details of the grains, knots, and textures appear to be so real.

All Better Than Logs™ Products are colored with multiple coats of penetrating stain that are absorbed into the concrete surface material and cannot be removed without the removal/destruction of the parent material. 

As a result of these, and other, Better Than Logs Engineering Developments; the Better Than Logs™ Siding and Trim Products are of incredible product quality, will last a lifetime, are easily workable and repairable, and are not distinguishable compared to real wood…and all this WITHOUT the common and typical maintenance burdens and expenses ALWAYS related directly to REAL WOOD sidings and exterior materials. 

We at Better Than Logs are constantly developing new products and improving current products. Our product development process is dynamic, creative, and never ending. As a result, our customers will always receive the best products available on the market, unwaveringly.