Environmentally Friendly


As of today, one and a half acres of forest are destroyed every second. Many individuals living in highly-forested areas are lured by substantial offers of money for the logging rights to their land. This occurs in all locations of the United States. Deforestation has an impact on natural habitats, too. Within the forests, animals of many sorts dwell. With the loss of their homes, they must relocate and sometimes invade our urban environments. This harms the entire ecosystem. So, how do we combat deforestation while delivering the anesthetic look of “real” wood?

Traditional Log Homes typically require Forest Devastation on the scale of 50-200 trees per home. In Montana alone, between 3 million and 10 million board feet of logs are harvested each year specifically for the purpose of construction of log homes. With the Better Than Logs™  Concrete Log Siding product, no lumber harvesting is necessary. No decimation of public or private lands is required. The Better Than Logs™ Concrete Log Siding products are truly green, not only through energy conservation, but in avoiding the initial devastation of our valued timber lands and forests.