Fire Resistant Siding

The threat of fire to homeowners is increasingly becoming a major issue around the country. In addition to steel, concrete siding is listed as the most fire resistant because of its ability to withstand several hours of intense heat before melting. Vinyl siding is listed as slightly more resistant than wood siding, but neither will protect your home under intense heat. Although there is nothing combustible in the vinyl product itself, it will begin to melt very quickly when exposed to a high temperature allowing fire to quickly spread to the interior of your home. There is nothing flammable in Better Than Logs’ concrete log siding products, making exterior fire resistance a huge benefit for your home. Because our product is installed just like normal siding you have the opportunity to update your home with a non-combustible alternative while still keeping the classic, log home look!


These two videos of the James Hardie siding product perfectly demonstrate the fire resistant abilities of a concrete or cement exterior!