Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2018-03-02T09:26:22+08:00
What is the warranty on the Better Than Logs™ products?2017-06-29T23:44:44+08:00

Our warranty insures that your project will continue to look great for many years to come. The Better Than Logs™ products are accompanied by a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.”

The warranty basically commits to two very important factors in exterior siding:

  1. The structure of our product will remain as purchased
  2. The coloring of our product will remain as purchased
When is Better Than Logs™ available to me for help and information?2017-06-29T23:44:38+08:00

Our office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are available via email nearly around the clock. We do our very best to be available to you at the moment you need us.

What is the best part about being involved in the Better Than Logs™ business?2017-06-29T23:44:33+08:00

We at Better Than Logs™ thoroughly enjoy being a part of our customers Dream Homes and Projects. Their enthusiasm and passion is infectious, and continually brightens our day. The best part about being involved in the Better Than Logs™ business is the privilege that we are allowed to meet and work with our customers.

How do the Better Than Logs™ Products help the environment?2017-06-29T23:44:25+08:00

The Better Than Logs™ products benefit our environment in several ways:

  • A home and/or building that uses the Better Than Logs™ siding products will save, generally, from 50-200 trees from being required to be harvested.
  • The stains and materials used in the manufacturing of our products are all environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to people and the environment.
  • Better Than Logs™ products typically ship, from an environmental impact perspective, for “free” as far as emissions are concerned. This is because we typically ship with trucks already making the run to or near our intended destination. (Back-hauls)
  • Better Than Logs™ produces NO Hazardous Waste of any kind.
Approximately how many mature harvested trees are spared by the use of the Better Than Logs™ Siding Products versus a traditional log home or wood siding application?2017-06-29T23:44:19+08:00

The answer varies significantly, but the range is typically between 50 and 200 trees DO NOT NEED TO BE HARVESTED when the Better Than Logs™ siding products are employed on a given project.

Are there any harmful materials used in the manufacturing of the Better Than Logs™ Products?2017-06-29T23:44:12+08:00

No. We make every effort to protect our employees, our customers, and the environment from harmful chemicals and materials.

Is there fly-ash in the Better Than Logs™ products?2017-06-29T23:44:07+08:00

No. Our proprietary concrete mix does not include fly ash.

Can I use the Better Than Logs™ products on the interior of my home as well?2017-06-29T23:44:01+08:00

Absolutely. There are no chemicals or materials used in our manufacturing process that are harmful to individuals.

How long has Better Than Logs™ been in business?2017-06-29T23:43:49+08:00

Better Than Logs™ has been manufacturing, selling, and shipping engineered concrete log sidings around the world since 2012.

Is Better Than Logs™ a manufacturer or a dealer?2017-06-29T23:43:43+08:00

We are the “OEM” Manufacturer of Engineered Concrete Siding Products.

Do you manufacture the siding?2017-06-29T23:43:37+08:00

YES! WE manufacturer all of our own siding and trim products

How long will the chink on the Better Than Logs™ products last?2017-06-29T23:43:30+08:00

Our Chink product is guaranteed for 10 years, but is expected to last much longer when used on our products. Since our siding products do not shrink, expand, crack, and twist like “real” logs, the chink is expected to last for a very long time as it is those behaviors of wood that cause chink failures in log homes.

What if my kid backs the truck into the siding? What can I do to repair the damage?2017-06-29T23:43:22+08:00

If the board is severely damaged, a replacement board can fairly easily be installed. If the damage is surface scratches, the board(s) can very easily be touched up with stain.

Will the stain come off?2017-06-29T23:43:15+08:00

No. The stains we use penetrate into the concrete material and are there to stay. The stains are designed for high-traffic abrasive conditions that the Better Than Logs™ sidings will never experience, so the stained surfaces of our products will remain stained and colored for a very, very long time.

Are boards repairable?2017-06-29T23:43:09+08:00

Absolutely. Minor scratches can be easily touched up with a small amount of stain and a rag (stain for touch up is included in the Better Than Logs™ shipped kit). Larger damage may be repaired by simply replacing the damaged portion of the board, a fairly easy process.

How much should I expect to spend to maintain my Better Than Logs™ products?2017-06-29T23:43:04+08:00

Nothing….Nada…..Zilch! Our products require no routine maintenance.

How much do the Better Than Logs™ siding products weigh?2017-06-29T23:42:59+08:00

Between approximately 1.5 to 4 pounds per square foot of board. The heaviest individual board is the hand-hewn 12″ board (HH12WF) at 50-60 pounds, very similar to a similar sized piece of lumber (14.5″ x 12′ long). One person can usually lift and carry our boards, although we always suggest two people collectively handle our product for the protection of the products as well as the individuals.

How does Better Than Logs™ get the best shipping rates?2017-06-29T23:42:54+08:00

We work with a local Montana broker to find the best rates and best drivers for each and every shipment.

How much does a typical order cost to ship from Drummond, Montana?2017-10-26T18:03:00+08:00

Shipping is approximately $2.25 per mile, typically. Cost may vary by destination and season.

How do the products ship?2017-06-29T23:42:43+08:00

We complete the production process and crate the products for shipment. There are several options in shipping the products to your site:

  1. We will arrange for shipment through our local discount broker
  2. The customer may pick up the product themselves
  3. The customer may send a truck of their choosing to pick up the shipment
Where do the Better Than Logs™ products ship from?2017-06-29T23:42:29+08:00

All orders ship directly and are manufactured from our factory in Drummond, MT.

Where can the siding be shipped?2017-06-29T23:42:23+08:00

We are able to ship anywhere in the world.

What is the typical lead-time of the Better Than Logs™ products?2017-06-29T23:42:17+08:00

Typical product lead time is 8-12 weeks, shorter if we have available inventory. We work very hard to accommodate customer’s time-frames and expectations, frequently improving our typical lead-times.

Can the siding be installed over “real” logs?2017-06-29T23:42:08+08:00

Yes, the traditional log walls will need to be fir’d out and likely sheeted. Then, once there is a flat and solid surface, the siding can be installed. A significant ironic benefit of installing our siding products over traditional logs is that the home now eliminates the never-ending maintenance burden but retains the interior beauty and warmth of the traditional logs.

Can the siding be installed over old siding?2017-06-29T23:42:00+08:00

Yes, but we typically recommend removing the old siding to insure a flat and consistent surface.

What type of surface can the siding be installed on?2017-06-29T23:41:54+08:00

Any flat solid surface. Typical surfaces include conventionally framed walls, ICF walls, SIP panels, log walls, and masonry walls. Most any surface is fine, as long as it is flat and solid.

What if I don’t want to install the Better Than Logs™ products myself?2017-06-29T23:41:48+08:00

We also have access to experienced and trustworthy contractors, builders, and installers across the country who can accomplish the installation if preferred.

What do I have to do to the product before installation?2017-06-29T23:41:43+08:00

Nothing! All products ship stained and ready for installation. No additional surface sealants are required. All products are maintenance free.

What do I need to do to the Better Than Logs™ products when I receive them, prior to installation?2017-07-21T23:04:55+08:00

Simply open the crates in numbered order, read the Installation Manual in Crate #1, and begin the install. We work very hard on every shipment so that your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Can I install the siding myself?2017-06-29T23:41:32+08:00

Yes. We have designed our product and installation system for the common do-it-yourselfer. Most people comfortable with power tools, measuring and leveling tools, and cutting tools are very capable of installing our products.

How easy is the installation……REALLY?2017-06-29T23:41:26+08:00

Product installation is very simple. All boards are to be drilled and screwed in place on the structure. The trims are installed first, then the main siding boards are installed. Sealant is used throughout the installation for weatherproofing. Once the installation is complete, the major joints are sealed, chinked, and finished. That is REALLY about it!

Can Better Than Logs™ help me find an installer and/or Contractor/Builder?2017-06-29T23:41:19+08:00

Certainly. We have access to and relationships with installers and contractors throughout the world. Better Than Logs™ will introduce both parties, but does not charge for the installer or contractors services, and requires no fee from either party in their agreement. The introduction is a completely free and non-binding courtesy service offered by Better Than Logs™.

Do you install the materials?2017-06-29T23:41:13+08:00

No, we manufacture and sell the materials. But, we do have numerous contacts around the country that a customer can access for installation (Better Than Logs™ charges no fee to the customer OR the installer for this service.)

What is the next siding style of product that Better Than Logs™ is going to offer?2017-06-29T23:41:07+08:00

That is at least in large part up to you. On our website, we are asking for customer input on “what siding you want to see next.” Complete the form and we will consider the suggestion.

Does the siding have any insulation R-Value?2017-07-21T23:10:35+08:00

No. Better Than Logs Products are manufactured with Polyiso Foam Board laminated into the backside of all our products. The channels ultimately consist of stagnant air which aids the wall as an insulator, but there is no R-Value to the panels resulting in an R-5 insulation value in all of our concrete log products.

What is “Internal Reinforcement” in the Better Than Logs™ products?2017-07-21T23:13:24+08:00

All of our products internal reinforcement have three layers of fiberglass roving cloth throughout the boards.

All of these engineering factors and others create a very strong and stable concrete panel.

How can I see the Better Than Logs™ product myself?2017-06-29T23:40:48+08:00

We do send out samples of the products. Let us know if you would like a sample, what style and color you would prefer, and we will make every effort to accommodate.

What other complementary products are offered by Better Than Logs™ to support the best installation experience and results possible?2017-07-21T23:15:43+08:00

For the installation we offer:

  1. Matched Better Than Logs™  Sealant Adhesive Caulking (7 colors)
  2. Better Than Logs™ Chinking (12 colors)
  3. and Better Than Logs™ Installation Hardware (two lengths).
Can I use Better Than Logs™ sidings inside my home too?2017-06-29T23:40:35+08:00

Yes, all sidings and trims are suitable for interior and exterior applications, without any worries of harmful chemicals.

What other concrete products does Better Than Logs™ offer?2017-07-21T23:19:02+08:00