Fire Resistant Siding

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Fire Resistant Siding The threat of fire to homeowners is increasingly becoming a major issue around the country. In addition to steel, concrete siding is listed as the most fire resistant because of its ability to withstand several hours of intense heat before melting. Vinyl siding is listed as slightly more resistant than wood siding,

Worry Free Home Construction: ICFs

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Worry Free Home Construction: ICFs When building a dream home there are many environmental threats to consider upon design. The risk of forest fires has been an ongoing issue nationally, but extreme climates can also offer headaches. One might wonder what insulation values are sufficient when building in extreme hot or cold climates. If you’re

Carpenter Bees: A Major Threat to Log Homes!

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Carpenter Bees: A Major Threat to Log Homes! According to the United States Forest Service, carpenter bees are most commonly found on the East Coast and across the entire South of the United States. Carpenter bees burrow holes ½ inch in diameter into wood, becoming a major issue for log home owners! While you can