Better Than Logs™ and You Helping Others

We at Better Than Logs™ feel a passion for helping others and see that a great opportunity exists to do so through many charitable avenues. A portion of every Better Than Logs Inc sale goes to a 501C3 charity.

Examples of charities we support are:
Local Christian Churches
Christian Aid Ministries
Drummond Kiwanis
Samaritan Ministries


Featured Charity

The Chris Klug Foundation is a pioneering organization bringing attention and education to the challenge of Organ and Tissue donation process. this group has made and continues to make significant progress in linking donors with those in need and raising awareness of the topic. To learn more information click the link above or visit the CFK fundraiser page to donate today! All contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Contact us for any additional information and/or contact information for any of the listed Charities.