Board and Batten 12″ (BB12)

The Better Than Logs™ Board and Batten 12″ Sidings are the newest addition to the Better Than Logs™ Product Offering. The Board and Batten 12″ (BB12) has been developed from REAL Montana harvested wood. The grains are authentic and not mechanically or otherwise generated.

Board and Batten Sidings are historically represented throughout the world, and have been for centuries. The appearance is classic and beautiful, and works wonderfully as a main siding option as well as an option for dormer and gable sidings.

  • The Better Than Logs™ Board and Batten 12" Siding was developed to replicate and properly represent the sizes, shapes, and textures of board and batten sidings used for centuries around the world, while allowing modern homes to benefit from 21st century construction and insulation technologies.

    All Better Than LogsTM Board and Batten 12” Sidings have three forms of internal bracing:
    -Polyiso Insulation Board laminated into the back of each board
    -Three layers of fiberglass roving cloth throughout the boards
    -Steel Gussets throughout the back channel of the boards
    All of these engineering factors, and others, create a very strong and stable concrete panel. We offer our Better Than Logs™ Board and Batten 12" Sidings in all five colors: Natural, Weathered Wood, Golden Brown, Light Brown, and Dark Brown. All sidings and trims are suitable for interior and exterior applications. All products ship stained and ready for installation. No additional surface sealants are required. All products are maintenance free.

  • Product installation is very simple. All boards are to be drilled and screwed in place on the structure. The Trims are installed first, then the main Siding boards are installed. Sealant is used throughout the installation for weatherproofing. Once the installation is complete, the major joints are sealed, chinked, and finished.

    We also have access to experienced and trustworthy Contractors, Builders, and Installers in many areas of the country that can accomplish the installation if preferred.

    Typical product lead time is 12-16 weeks, shorter if we have available inventory.

    For the installation, we offer color matched BTL Sealant Caulking (5 colors) and BTL Installation Hardware. A great deal of engineering design, manufacturing materials, and manufacturing labor initially go into our products so that you, the customer, are required to do little to no maintenance on your exterior siding for the life of your home.

    Additionally, Better Than Logs™ products include a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" on our product's structure and coloring. Our warranty insures that your project will continue to look great for many years to come.

    We manufacture, sell and ship direct from the factory in Drummond, Montana. We can ship throughout the continental USA and the world. We do send out samples of the our BB12 products.

    Let us know if you would like a sample and what color you would prefer, and we will make every effort to accommodate.

    Corner Options for the Better Than Logs™ Board and Batten 12" Siding includes:

    Straight Trim: resembles vertical 2" x 4" (CTS4), 2" x 6" (CTS6) and 2" x 8" (CTS8) trim boards

    Window and Door Trims include: -2" x 4" (CTS4), 2" x 6" (CTS6) and 2" x 8" (CTS8)